SEO Training in Los Angeles

If you are thinking about growing your blog and/or turning your website into a powerhouse traffic funnel, or perhaps an authority website, then you will need to learn all you can about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You should probably apply to a class or academy for SEO Training in Los Angeles to push your knowledge to the next level. But, to get you started, here are a few SEO tips to help you grow your blog.


SEO Training in Los Angeles

Your first class on day one is going to teach you that your content must have a use or must have value. Sometimes, you can have content that has value but no use, and plenty of use but is of little value, and sometimes you can have both. It depends on the type of content you intend to publish.

For example, you may host GIF animations of buttons for programmers to use. In this case, your content has great use, but very little value. On the other hand, your website may offer great entertainment value, but very little real-world use. Then, there are things like gaming videos that offer tips and giggles, which some may consider to have value and a use.

The point of having value or a use is that SEO is similar to a sales pitch. What would be the point of coming up with the best marketing and best sales pitch, if what you were selling was garbage that nobody would ever want?


Write or Create For Humans

When you first research SEO, you are going to see a bunch of guides on making your website search engine optimized, and you may see tools that give you tips on being search engine friendly, but they are not what counts. Again, it is all about value and use for your viewers. There is a tendency to write for search engines.

This means doing things like cramming certain keywords into text, or writing to a certain word count, or using things like the Hemingway app, thereby making your text sterile and clinical. This is called “Writing for search engines,” and ironically, it is very search engine unfriendly. Google ranks websites based on how users interact with them.

For example, if somebody is searching for “How to re-head screws,” on Google, and tries a bunch of different websites, and then tries yours, and then stops searching, Google assumes that your website had the answer and will rank it up. They will especially rank it up for the person who searched, and for people who Google considers to be in their demographic or niche group.

Now, what if your re-heading screws website was written for search engines. It had keywords crammed awkwardly into sentences, it had unnecessary images, pop-ups asking people to subscribe, lots of writing despite it only being a very brief subject. In that case, the user would probably become frustrated and leave to try another website. That is why writing and creating your content for search engines is not a good idea.


Allow Your Website to Adapt and Grow

Most people start their blog with a certain theme or a few ideas, and in trying to stick with them, they spoil what could have been a great blog. Sometimes, it is the way users interact with your blog, be it more visitors arriving at certain posts, or be it more comment and user interactions. Other times, and more commonly, it is you the blogger that makes the website more search engine friendly by concentrating on the parts you love and running with it.

For example, your blog may start out about funny comments on modern gaming but may end up being a gaming review blog because you loved doing the reviews so much. The content isn’t exactly user driven, but your love for the content, and your production of it, makes the blog more useful and offers a better experience all round (which makes it more search engine friendly).

On the other hand, you may have started your blog with a notion of reviewing tools, but your funny comments got so much traction that you now produce great and popular blog posts that poke fun at consumer electronics. Exploit the driving force behind your blog, and as it becomes more popular, the search engines will fall into line and start sending more people your way.


Learn All You Need to Get Started

With the help of the right people, you can learn all you need to know about SEO in a manner that fits your blog, website, social media platform, or eCommerce website. Simply apply to the SEO Academy and learn how to elevate your online content above all the rest.