SEO Training Courses

When you take SEO training courses, it is not like taking a physics course where there are well-defined right and wrong answers. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) might not be the most easily transmissible information but the right teacher definitely can. The knowledge is useful and vast so you need to present yourself seriously ready for the challenge

Do you remember those “SEO for Dummies” books? Have you noticed how the 2004 version was updated all the way to 2014 when they finally gave up? This is because SEO went from a guideline about the number of keywords, links, and letters in meta data, to what it is today, which is a combination of machine learning and personalization targeting.

Are The Best Courses Free?

NO! They most certainly are not. You have to know what you are paying for, yes, but also expect free things to give out at a level that corresponds to it being free. A paid course will have some effort invested in its crafting to stand to the level of the price charged. You can obtain initial information from free courses and then, if you are really interested, move ahead into improving your knowledge on the topic.

Free courses teach the initial level in most of the cases. So if you are serious about the kind of expertise level you are going after, you need the proper SEO training courses. Where all of the most current data is shown and explained in a way you leave that course, mastering  it; and not with just a general idea of it.

How to Determine Good Content

There are two ways. The first is to make sure you are taking classes from a true professional on the topic. Investigate a bit about your teacher’s resume. His or her background and the formative years. You might even see some similarities between your path and theirs. Whas has piqued your interest and theirs, so far?

If you can`t  vet your teacher, the other way could be to try to fact check the things you are being told. Go online to reputable sources and see if you find the same thing. You don’t have to look for contradictions in the information (because there might be some of that), you just have to see if you find consensus on the topic. 

The third way you check for good content is by actually testing it. The problem is that good advice on SEO often requires a lot of time, energy and effort to gain any sort of results. You have to remember that getting to the top of the Google or YouTube search engine results is very difficult and requires a lot of hard work. If it didn’t…if it were easy…then everybody would do it. 

If you are ready to take serious SEO training courses that have proven results, and that offer results you can prove for yourself, then head on over to our SEO Academy and sign up. See the results and judge for yourself.