has danny star digital marketing lost its edge

Oh what a time to be alive – how the world has changed in ways we couldn’t have predicted. India is one of the most powerful eastern countries in the world, Golden rice was developed that could save millions of starving Africans and it was banned by Greenpeace, and Facebook is the second most powerful marketing platform on the planet behind Google. We also live in an age where Danny Star digital marketing looks like it has lost its edge. It seems to have lost its edge because in this day and age, what Danny Star’s SEO company does has become unquantifiable.

When The Numbers No Longer Exist

Go back just ten years, and an SEO company could measure its success in a number of ways. They could track traffic numbers, they could show off how high up the search engines they are, they could show off their online reviews and they could show their following on social media. Nowadays, all of these metrics no longer matter.

         + Traffic Numbers

SEO companies used to brag about how much traffic they could send to your website, but these days people can fake these numbers with Chinese click mills.

         + High Up Search Engines

Search engine results are now personalized, so what comes up first on your computer or mobile devices will not come up the same for other people.

         + Online Reviews

Fake reviews are so popular now that they have created their own industry. Nobody trusts online reviews even from seemingly legitimate services.

         + Social Media Following

Faking social media followings and reviews are so common that SEO companies cannot brag about those either.

Has Digital Marketing Lost its Edge?

Is it just Danny Star, or has the whole industry lost its edge? Again, the answer relates to the fact that SEO companies have very few metrics by which they may measure their success. If an SEO service is very good, then over the course of a few months it is able to improve a website’s following and its overall sales, but this is a slow process that is difficult to put on a company resume.

Is Danny Star Doing Everything Right?

These days, the process of SEO is so complex and diverse that it is difficult to see if an SEO company is having any positive effect at all. If a company is growing online at a steady rate, then the SEO company is doing its job.

There is a line in the show “Futurama” where they say, “If you do something right, nobody will ever know you did anything at all.” This seems to apply to the SEO services that Danny Star offers. They are doing things right, they are not paying for followers or traffic, they are not offering over-night success, they are just offering slow, steady, and real online growth. They don’t leave a big mark because if they did, they would be doing their job wrong. They are doing everything right, and for that reason, they don’t have proof they did anything at all.

If you are looking for real growth. If you want more than a few traffic numbers, and if you are tired of the promises that SEO companies make, then get in touch with Danny Star Digital Marketing through their SEO Academy services. Get it right, make a difference, and move your company forward organically.