addiction treatment seo

There are now many facets to addiction treatment SEO, which means there are plenty of new ways and new ideas you can try. It is not just about who has the most popular blog, or who can rank the highest on the search engines. These days, you can target your audience and draw people in without your competitors ever knowing what you did. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Start With PPC Advertisements

Pay Per Click ads are a good starting point for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They draw targeted attention and help expose your website. Search engines start crawling your website simply because they know you are paying for traffic. Plus, if you draw the right attention, then people will start writing about you online and may help spread your name around.


Get Your Name on Google My Business

The Google My Business feature means that if somebody types in your business name or your website into the Google search engine, then your website and your brand name is the one that appears. It is your way of claiming your own name and website on the search engines. Plus, it allows you to add things like your business location, which dramatically improves your local SEO.


Narrow Your Focus For Each Target

Using the same approach for every area of your target audience is a big mistake. For example, the people searching for treatment are not on the same websites nor are looking at the same things as their family and friends. People in the medical industry are not searching out the same things as addicts, people in denial, and past addicts. Trying to catch them all like an economy car manufacturer tries to target entire demographics is very foolish. Each area of your SEO needs a tailored campaign.


Consider the Content You Put Out

If you are going to put content out on the Internet, then put it under different names and simply link back to your website where required. Putting your name to content on the Internet may help draw some people in, but it will also scare some people off. Typically, it scares off people with addictions. Even your own blog may do well with the families of addicts and even with other people in the medical profession, but the weight of your content is likely to scare off addicts.

Putting out content on websites and social media is a good way to get attention for your website, but only add links and positive statements about your brand, do not actually add your brand name to the content. It is just not worth the risk of alienating your core consumer when most of the benefit comes from the content reflecting well on your brand and from links, both of which you can get without claiming ownership of the content.


Get Some Real-World Training for Addiction Treatment SEO

Many SEO Training schools will teach you the textbook stuff you find in that old SEO for Dummies books. What you need is some information from real-world SEO professionals who work online for a living. That is why you need help from the SEO Academy. They can walk you through real-world examples of top-level SEO and help improve your skills at your own pace.