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SEO spam cyberattacks are a real threat to any business. And you can stop them from affecting your site when you learn SEO — its basics and advanced techniques. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you rank higher. Search engines utilize a special program in reviewing or crawling the content on sites and show the most relevant sites for a certain query. 

If you have properly optimized your site for the keywords you are targeting, your site will appear on top of the SERP each time a customer uses those keywords. 

But SEO spam is one of the things that can prevent your site from showing up on the SERP. It happens when the attacker inserts unwanted links and keywords to your site. Hackers can also embed links to your metadata or content. 

If your site has been attacked, it will not show up on relevant search queries because the search engines picked up malicious keywords. As a result, you will lose your precious ranking. 

This cyberattack can affect your business as your customers can no longer find your website. Because it is difficult to detect, it becomes interesting for hackers to commit this fraud again and again. 

learn seo

Can Attackers Make Money from It

Absolutely. While you lose your customers and sales, the attackers or hackers are making money from the traffic or impressions. 

Apart from losing your customers, SEO spam can also affect your reputation. How? When a customer uses negative keywords, your site will appear on the search engine results page. 

For example, a weight-loss shop could have negative keywords, like “cheap motorcycle,” associated with the site. Your customers will think that your site is a scam. 

When Google sees it, it will punish your site by flagging it as potentially compromised. For instance, Google will tell your customers that the “site may be hacked.” 

Learn SEO with SEO Academy to Protect Your Site 

At SEO Academy, we have been teaching our students how to boost their site’s ranking while protecting it from hackers. Since all sites are prone to hacking daily, it is vital that you protect your site proactively. We suggest getting the cloud-based firewall to keep any attackers at bay. 

Use a monitoring service along with Google’s webmaster tools. But do you know how to properly use the Webmasters? If you don’t, it is vital to attend or obtain our SEO online courses as we offer training on how to maximize this tool. 

Always monitor your keywords. It is a great way to prevent SEO cyberattack from happening. 

What Courses are Available 

We offer several SEO online courses and each has a different goal. However, they all aim to help your site boost ranking. And when you complete our courses, you will be certified. The certification you can get can be used when you apply for a job as an SEO consultant in a certain company. 

Start to learn SEO today to give your digital marketing skills a boost or an upgrade. We are happy to help. Give us a call at (877) 503-8231