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SEO Academy offers online courses that will help you learn SEO for your eCommerce business. These courses will teach you how to perform search engine optimization the right way and ignore some rules that may not impact your eCommerce’s performance. 


Learn SEO and the Significance of URL Length 

Every SEO expert has theories about URL structure. Some stated to use keywords while others don’t recommend it, unless necessary. Then, there are questions about going beyond a single directory or going three deep. 

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But Gary Illyes stated that the URL length does not matter to Google. However, it must pass the HTTP limit, which is 2083 characters. He stated that Google has no ranking signals associated with the URL structure. 


Even though URL length does not affect your Google ranking, using a shorter URL is still useful not for Google but users. With a shorter URL, humans can easily understand the destination page. In that case, users know what they will see if they do click the link. 


A shorter URL will also make it easy to copy and paste the link in social media and other online venues. That said, even though URL length is not that vital to Google, keeping your URL simple and relevant will help users to better understand your link. They will have a good idea of what to expect when they land on your page. 


How About H1 Headings

Before, the use of multiple H1 headings was considered an SEO problem. Google stated that HTML5 is using multiple H1 headings. Then, the importance of this heading has decreased. Thus, you can just ignore if an SEO tool will warn you that your page has multiple H1s. 


Apart from the URL length, many SEOs are also concerned about title tag length. Google used to show 60 characters on its title in the search results page. Unfortunately, for eCommerce, title tags do not fit in that length. Some product names are longer. 


To curb this issue, you should consider inserting the keywords that will identify your page. The keywords must fit within the 60 character limit. Then again, title length does not significantly affect your organic search ranking. 


It is the same as the meta description. Google will present not more than 158 characters in search results. But this is the info that Google thinks is the most important to the user. And no, it does not impact search ranking. The key here is to include your essential keywords. And don’t worry about the length. 


Internal Linking in eCommerce

You must never insert over 100 internal links on your page. However, eCommerce sites may exceed such limits. Amazon has more than 300 internal pages on its home page. In that case, you may insert more than 100 internal links as long as the links can boost positive customer experience. 

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