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At SEO Academy, you will not only learn SEO but you will also know how to implement the strategies properly. As you update your knowledge about SEO, you will learn what E-A-T stands for. 

learn seo eat


EAT means Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust. It is a concept described in Google’s Quality Guidelines. For many sites, it is a huge ranking factor. 

Here at SEO Academy, we offer SEO online courses that will make your site flexible to any changes in search engine ranking. The courses that we offer are all white hat techniques that will keep your site safe for years to come. 

Those who have enrolled in our Academy have started implementing the techniques to improve their E-A-T. As a result, they have seen an increase in traffic. 

Making Changes to Your Site 

Google published its human-rating guidelines in 2013. The guidelines will help you understand what this Internet search engine giant is looking for in web pages. 

It means that if you are still wondering what high quality means for Google, you need to read the guidelines. 

EAT is important, especially to medical, financial and legal sites. If your site is giving recommendation or advice to people to assist them in making a vital decision, then you must heed to the guidelines and implement EAT. 

When improving your site to boost your EAT ranking, make sure that you enroll in our courses to learn SEO effectively. Our trainers will assist you on how to add your author names and biographies to your editorial content. 

But that is just half the battle. When creating content, you must ensure that it is written by trusted and authoritative experts on the niche or topic you discuss. 

For your landing pages, make sure that your company’s contact information is easy to find. It can be helpful if you add a live chat app on your site so your customers can easily and quickly ask for some questions about your products. 


On each blog post, the author’s information must be available. Doing so will enable Google to evaluate the author whether or not he/she is an expert for that topic

There are so many things to learn SEO that can affect your SEO campaign. And our SEO Academy team is here to help. 

Whether you are building a new site or want to improve your existing website, you need to learn not just the basics of search engine optimization but you must also know the advanced techniques. 

It is true that there are several articles that you can read and learn about SEO. However, they are generic. 

Furthermore, you may not know how to use it to maximize its benefits. At SEO Academy, you will not only learn SEO but you will also know about digital marketing and other things that can help boost your site’s traffic. 


The online courses are created by our SEO experts. You can take them at your own pace. For more information about how to learn SEO with SEO Academy, contact us directly at (877) 503-8231.