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Most online small business owners are opting to learn SEO on their own because they know how vital it is to boost their sites’ rankings and visibility. They choose our SEO Academy to learn how to properly optimize the search engine because the courses we offer here are straight to the point. 

Recently, one of our students asked about the relevance of implementing NoFollow to all outbound links. According to Google, adding “nofollow” to all outbound links will have no ranking benefit. 

However, the SEO community thinks that it is not possible to track all links. And Google agreed how challenging it is to monitor links. But Google thinks that the nofollow links are a bit lazy. 

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Learn SEO to Know More About NoFollow Links

A nofollow link is an HTML attribute. It is added to some links to tell Google that such a link should not be counted as a link. Thus, there is no ranking benefit. 

This attribute is typically used in the comments section. It tells the search engines that the links here must not be trusted. 

For user-generated sites, they have a good reason to not trust those links added by site authors. It is an accurate use of nofollow. After all, this is where the nofollow was designed for. However, for a major publication, adding a nofollow link would mean that the publication does not trust the credibility of the author. 

No matter what SEO experts think about links, they remain a commodity. Unfortunately, there are corrupt content writers who can be bribed. And the best approach to combat them is to use nofollow to all the outbound links they created. 

There are good practices on how to add nofollow links. And we discuss them when you learn SEO with our SEO Academy instructors. Our instructors or speakers are the world’s leading digital marketers and SEO experts. They can teach you the proper way to add nofollow links. 

Nofollow links, per se, will not pass PageRank. It is one of the reasons many large sites are placing no follow on most of their outbound links. But do not worry if you published a post on a major publication and you get a nofollow backlink. 

Keep in mind that nofollow links still have a high value. Why? The reason for this is that they allow potential visitors to visit your site. From there, you can boost your site’s awareness. A mere mention of your site on that site is valuable to increase awareness. 

Adding nofollow links can be confusing to some site owners. That’s why our instructors will break them down into digestible details. In that way, you can have a better understanding of how they work and implement them properly on your site. 

We will also teach you the best practices on adding links to your site. When adding links, we recommend inserting them as natural as possible. 

Links remain a vital factor in SEO. If you are still wondering how nofollow links can affect your website, make sure to learn SEO through our SEO Academy. Sign up to one of our online SEO courses today to help you get started. Call us at (877) 503-8231