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One of the SEO online courses we offer here in our school for SEO is content marketing. The mastery courses involve a step-by-step plan on how to turn your content into traffic. 

When it comes to content marketing, you must keep it simple. Always aim to be helpful to your audience. 

Things to Remember When Creating a Content Marketing Plan 

Have a Goal 

What is the goal of your business? Be specific about your goal as it can assist you in deciding what content to create and how. 

Your goal can be getting more traffic, subscribers or sales. Brand awareness can also be a goal that can be accomplished by content marketing. 

school for seo

Promote Content 

Your content has to reach your audience. It will be pointless to have stellar content if you do not have visitors. This is where content promotion comes in. You need to set up a plan on how to distribute your content. 

Content distribution plan involves platforms where you publish your content and how you will distribute it. You may use a paid promotion or free tools on social media. Whatever method you choose, it is going to distribute your content to a wider audience. 

Ask Your Customers on What Content They Want

Your customers have a lot of questions that they want you to answer about your products. Ask them about it and use that information in creating your content. 

For example, you may run a survey on your social media and ask your followers to comment on the kind of topic they wish to read. However, it must be related to your brand, product or services. 

Use your followers’ comments as your basis in making a marketing plan. The content that your followers want is similar to your potential customers. 

Be Consistent 

Content Marketing is not a one-time deal. You need to do it regularly. The results you want will not happen overnight. It takes time to affect their behavior through your content. For that reason, it pays to be consistent on when you publish your posts and the content you publish. 


Do not just create content just to have content on your website. Instead, make sure that your content offers value to your audience. That’s why it is vital that you conduct thorough research to know how you can create content that can be useful to your audience. 

It is also ideal to have a content marketing calendar so you will be guided on the topics you want to create and write. Keep in mind that content does not always mean text. It could be quizzes and infographics. 

How to Create Content that Audience Will Read 

Not all articles online are read from top to bottom. Our goal in creating our SEO online courses here at school for SEO is to assist our students on how to create content that will be read. 

If you wish to know more about how our school for SEO can help your content marketing plan, contact us at (877) 503-8231