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SEO Academy is your top-rated platform where you can learn the basics of SEO and digital marketing. You will also learn and understand how to implement strategies that can boost your search performance effectively. 

One of the many things you can learn from our online courses is how to boost your site’s search performance. You might have heard about creating more content to your site to boost traffic. 

But did you know that you can still improve your search performance without the need to publish new content? 

seo academy

Update Existing Content 

It is quite easy. You just need to edit your content to ensure that the information is up-to-date. Of course, it will not apply to all your posts. But generally, any content can be changed by adding new knowledge or insights into the topic. 

You may also update existing content by making your discussion clearer or add more details to make it more comprehensive. 

Unfortunately, not all website owners do this trick. One of the reasons is that site owners are too focused on fresh content, rather than editing their posts. 

Thus, to help you boost your site’s search performance, try tweaking your content and improve it to make it longer text. Make clearer explanations. 

The improvement will not be visible immediately. However, as soon as Google discovers that you have updated your content, you will enjoy a real ranking boost. Depending on your goal, it can lead to more conversions or traffic. 


Get Rid of Some Content 

As you perform an SEO audit, you will find some pages or posts on your website that do not get any traffic at all. You may think that it is okay but it can drag your search performance down. 

To remedy this, you should consider deleting those bad posts or content. In that way, Google can focus on the other content that offers the best user experience. 

You may not believe it yet but some sites that have been following this trick have experienced a boost in their search traffic. 

You may make small updates to your existing content by adding larger images and longer text. The increase in search performance may take time to occur. However, it will steadily climb. 

Now, you might wonder how it would affect your site’s structure. As you delete those pages or posts, you should add redirects to other important pages. It is especially true if those pages have vital backlinks. 

You will learn this trick by enrolling in our online SEO courses. SEO Academy offers online courses that are easy to understand and implement. 

They are created by experts in this field. These experts have been helping our clients in boosting their search performance by simply recommending them to update their existing content. 


But these are not the only tricks you can learn from SEO Academy. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of techniques that you can do to boost your search performance. But not all of them are applicable to your site. If you wish to start your learning about SEO, contact our team today at (877) 503-8231.