SEO Services

How are you supposed to know if your SEO Services are doing a good job? After all, numbers only tell so much. For example, they may show that they have increased your traffic numbers, but if those numbers are from Chinese students, when you are trying to sell equity plans to US seniors, then those numbers are useless. Here are a few signs that your SEO service may be selling you empty promises.


They Are Focusing on Link Building

It is all about priorities. Getting links back to your website is useless these days, they have no effect on your search engine results.

But wait a minute, if that were true, then how come the top ranking websites have the most backlinks? In fact, the rule goes, “The top results on Google’s first SERP have 3.8 times more backlinks than those below them.”

This is a misunderstanding regarding cause and effect. It is like asking why the most famous person gets the most dates. The person gets dates because the person is famous. The person is not famous because of the number of dates that person gets.

The SEO company should be focusing on getting direct traffic from other websites. That is where backlinks are useful. The links themselves have no value, it is the trickles of traffic they send that matters.

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