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Every person with an Internet connection watches YouTube. It makes sense that this website is one of the most popular sites in the world. Because of that, this is a great place to market your business. Unfortunately, diving into it without a plan won’t get you anywhere. Our advice? Talk to SEO experts to guide you. If you have a YouTube channel but you’re still grappling for views or subscribers, you may find these tactics useful.

SEO Experts Recommend the Following YouTube Marketing Strategies for 2022

Know Your Audience

To know your audience, you must understand why and who are you making videos for? Is it for CBD growers, plastic surgery enthusiasts, fitness buffs, or people seeking an attorney? If you have already a YouTube channel, then it’s great as you can just check your Analytics tab. Here you will find the number of people who find your videos through search, see your channel in the suggested feed, etc.

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