About Us

SEO.Academy is a new project of Websites Depot Inc., which is headed by Danny Star, our founder. Danny is known in Los Angeles as the marketing expert for a huge financial firm and several large businesses in LA. He handles their online marketing campaign for more than a decade.

Our team of experts will teach you the basic and advanced SEO techniques to help you master how to perform search engine optimization.

Websites Depot’s SEO.Academy will give you the most updated information about SEO to help your site rank today. By signing up for our course, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of SEO’s fundamentals and strategies that can truly rank your site.

But we don’t only teach SEO. We’ll also help you understand and carry out social media marketing that works.

Why choose us?

We’re  found and hired by the world’s largest enterprises. We’ve made these companies’ websites improve their search rankings. Imagine what we can do for your site.

SEO.Academy offers affordable SEO online classes. Learning how to optimize the search engines is vital because SEO isn’t easy. It’s a complex language that only gets more sophisticated each day. Unfortunately, business owners don’t have the time to spend months or years of learning the SEO language.
Our instructors at SEO.Academy are experts in search engine optimization. SEO isn’t foreign to them. Rather, it’s their mother tongue.  They’ve established their names since the start of Google page ranking.
As SEO experts, they know how to make your site communicate with the search engines. In this way, your site will get indexed faster so it will rank high in search results.

Internet Entrepreneurs

SEO.Academy instructors started as Internet entrepreneurs. They’ve been in the Internet business for several years. The sites they handle are now successful.

What makes our Academy great?

Our passion and our thirst for the challenge are what make us the best company that offers in-depth SEO online courses. When it comes to SEO instructions, we’re the “school” that is most recommended by Fortune 400 companies.
With our easy-to-understand online courses, you can improve your site’s ROI, regardless of how you big or small your business is.
By taking our online courses, you can increase your site’s conversation rate or your clients’ sites’ ROI. It’s just a one-time investment, but the knowledge you get and the skills you can master will produce sales for many years to come.
SEO can be difficult to learn but with the online classes of SEO.Academy, you can learn the basics and advanced SEO techniques that will catapult your site’s ranking.