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The search landscape of Google keeps constantly evolving, and recent updates to “How To” and “FAQ” rich results require the attention of SEO experts – after all, studies show nearly 70% of online searches now include questions or instructional terms. In August 2023, changes in how Google processes this content will present new opportunities to grab – if you know where to look and how to adjust. You can follow our award-winning Google SEO Academy for a review of the latest changes and learn what you need to stay up-to-date on the SEO game.

The Shifting Tides

Let’s break down the crucial changes to watch:

  • Search Console Shifts: “How To” and “FAQ” rich results won’t appear with their dedicated reports in the Search Console anymore. Don’t panic! Your rankings should be acceptable, but visibility on specific performance metrics takes a hit.
  • Automation Takes Over:  Automation plays a significant role in modern SEO. Google now relies more heavily on automated processes to pinpoint “How To” and “FAQ” content – over 80% of search results are assessed primarily by algorithms. To succeed, clarity and outstanding structure are more important than ever. 

Adapting Your SEO Strategy: The Path to “How To” & “FAQ” Glory at Google SEO Academy

  • Quality is Supreme: No shortcuts here. Your content must answer actual user needs with depth, detail, and clarity. Your target audience should be laser-focused, helping you create the insights they genuinely need.
  • Speak the User’s Language: Overly complex phrasing won’t fly. Make it concise, digestible, and conversational. Think about how a person naturally would search for that information on search engines.
  • Structure for Success:  Headers (H1s, H2s, etc.), subheadings, and even bullet points guide users and Google’s robots to understand your content easily. Think breadcrumbs for website crawlers!
  • Visuals for the Win: Don’t underestimate supporting images and videos. They break up text, clarify steps, and make your content more engaging overall, improving your site’s user experience.
  • Keywords Are Still Key: Though the rules change, smart keyword research (including those semantically related words like “learn,” “strategies,” “business,” etc.) and natural integration will always drive traffic to relevant content.
  • The Power of Promotion: Once that stellar content is live, it’s time to amplify. Social media, relevant forums, or strategic outreach are fantastic ways to expand your reach and build links and audience.

As Partners of Google: SEO Academy Difference

All this knowledge isn’t just theory; it’s our lived experience. SEO Academy consistently thrives because we adapt fast. You, too, can learn these skills, master search shifts, understand Google, and boost your traffic sustainably. Our cutting-edge SEO courses are where you need to be:

The Surge of Seo Traffic You Desire

If you want to become a master at boosting website traffic through SEO, don’t let updates to “How To” and “FAQ” search algorithms hinder your progress. Instead, take advantage of these changes as opportunities to push your SEO knowledge forward. 

Learning and acquiring a mindset that prioritizes quality content with a clear message that resonates with your audience is vital to succeeding in the e-commerce game. With the guidance and resources available in our expert Google SEO Academy courses, you can elevate your understanding of SEO and achieve the surge of traffic you desire.