"I heard about SEO academy when they invited me to their launch mixer. I had worked with websites depot before and they really helped me set up my online marketing so I gave the SEO academy mixer a chance. It was nice with good conversation and food. I took up one of their courses to check them out and I was very surprised with how much more I could do to improve my online marketing myself. The guy who runs it Danny Star really knows his stuff and he avoids tech jargon you might not understand. I really enjoyed the experience so I booked another course for next month."

"I have a colleague whose business is also internet based. She recommended the course to me and I wasn’t really sure about it. She took the email marketing course, but I figured the social media course would be better for my situation. I wouldn’t have imagined that these people had so much to teach me. I always thought social media was either pure dumb luck or a lot of super intensive research. Turns out I was wrong and it all is easier to figure out than I thought. SEO Academy gave me everything I needed to figure out a good social media strategy. I am so glad I got to try the course out."

"I try to be very hands on as a business owner so when looking up online marketing options I didn’t want to just hire someone else to do it. I ran into seo academy’s courses, so I booked their ecommerce marketing course to see if I could get a hold of some of the basics. The course is so much more than just the basics. They go through pretty much everything you need for you to set up your ecommerce platform on your own and even how to maintain it. I’ve been able to do so much with everything I learned from the seo academy course that I’m even thinking of signing up for another one. I’m very satisfied with everything they taught me on the course."

"I didn’t know what course to take so I said screw it and splurged on the Vip access pass for all the courses. I figured not every course would be useful but I could at least try to get something from them. I ended up getting so much more than I thought. I didn’t even know what conversion funnel even meant, but a few minutes in I couldn’t stop thinking how useful and interesting this was. Especially when you’re selling your products on your website (like I am). I’m excited to try out everything that I’ve learned at SEO."

"I’m a marketing student and these courses have become an amazing addition for my career. I like what I study but I don;t really have that many courses related to the digital area in my curricula. I tried some other learning platforms before but they were either way too expensive (and not that good) or they showed outdated, difficult to understand information. Digital marketing is fundamental nowadays and I, as a marketing student, was getting obsolete before even graduating! I can’t tell you how many times I went to an interview for a part time job or internship and left hopeless, because I had no clue what the interviewer was talking about! SEO Academy definitely supplied my need of a more technical approach to online marketing. The courses are quite entertaining, easy to follow and give you real tools to implement in real life situations. Unlike some other online courses I had, you get more than just the basics or a vague idea: you learn for real. I finally got to what I needed the right way, thanks to these guys!"

"SEO Academy is the best! I finally got to understand analytics and implement audits to my business site. Danny and the rest of the guys explain everything so clearly that anyone can learn; even a complete computer illiterate like me. I took the Search Marketing Mastery course and got really hooked up.  Lessons are simple, clear and very comprehensive so you don’t get lost between one lesson and the other. They have the right rhythm so you don’t either fall asleep nor miss any detail. Instructors know what they’re talking about and they’re good at sharing their knowledge. I felt I incorporated something new in each lesson and that felt really good. It’s such a relief to be able to take care of certain aspects of my company by myself and not to depend on any agency or wiz kid to do it. Best $99 I invested in my life, honestly. And honestly, the lessons got me really hooked up so I’m planning to take more courses. "