Community Management Mastery Course

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You’ll have a proven strategy for creating and growing a thriving online community that impacts your business’ bottom line. As a Community Management Master, you’ll have all the tools to put out any fires within your team and community, and even stop them before they happen.

Businesses need Community managers. Community Managers who know what they’re doing understand the importance of nurturing their members with a solid content and programming strategy that will get (and keep) the conversation going.

As a Certified Community Management Specialist, you’ll know exactly how to build a community from the ground up that will grow your brand, your brand advocates, and your overall revenue.

What you will learn?

How to Get Business Value from Your Community

Create an online community that builds awareness generates leads and sales and encourages your brand advocates to become active promoters for your business. Learn how to turn transactional customer relationships into lasting emotional bonds.

How to Create Content that Drives Member Activity and Builds Relationships

You’ll learn strategies to initiate and sustain discussions that drive bonding member-to-member relationships. Plus, discover new ways to make your community stand out from all the other noise on social media.

The 2 Major Growth Methods to Get Your Community Off the Ground…

One of the biggest hurdles to starting new communities is getting people to talk. You’ll learn two popular growth methods that will get your first members participating and engaging in your community space.

Metrics that Matter (and the ones that don’t)

Learn how to properly measure growth activity and experience to determine the health of your community. The healthier your community is the more value your business will get and the happier your members will be.


Course Details

Module 1:

Start Here

  • Lesson 1: From the Instructor
  • Lesson 2: What to Expect
  • Lesson 3: The What & Why
  • Lesson 4: Business Benefits of Community
  • Lesson 5: Member Benefits of Community
  • Lesson 6: Community as an Element of Value
  • Lesson 7: Community vs. Audience
  • Lesson 8: Levinger’s Relationship Model
  • Lesson 9: The Relationship Model & Community Stages
  • Lesson 10: The Customer Value Journey
  • Lesson 11: Three Areas Your Community Can Serve
  • Lesson 12: Aware/Engage Communities
  • Lesson 13: Excite/Ascend Communities
  • Lesson 14 Advocate/Promote Communities
  • Lesson 15: Communities that Convert
  • Lesson 16: The Halo Effect

Module 2:

Community Positioning

  • Lesson 1: Community Components
  • Lesson 2: Identifying Market Segments
  • Lesson 3: Identifying Common Bonds
  • Lesson 4: Community Impact: The Product Purchase
  • Lesson 5: The Coffee Table Problem
  • Lesson 6: Open Communities
  • Lesson 7: Closed Communities
  • Lesson 8: Open vs. Closed and the Customer Value Journey
  • Lesson 9: Community Mission Statements

Module 3:

Growing Your Community

  • Lesson 1: What is Social Density?
  • Lesson 2: Growth Method: Seeding
  • Lesson 3: Growth Method: Cold Open
  • Lesson 4: Growth Method: Paid Traffic
  • Lesson 5: Creating Sub-Topics
  • Lesson 6: Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards
  • Lesson 7: Creating Community Guidelines
  • Lesson 8: Welcoming New Members

Module 4:

Community-Building Content

  • Lesson 1: Content That Builds Relationships
  • Lesson 2: The Importance of Discussions
  • Lesson 3: Community Topic Maps
  • Lesson 4: Discussion Questions
  • Lesson 5: Fluff Posts

Module 5:

Creating a Tribe

  • Lesson 1: Sense of Community
  • Lesson 2: Membership
  • Lesson 3: Influence
  • Lesson 4: Integration
  • Lesson 5: Emotional Connection
  • Lesson 6: Create Rituals
  • Lesson: Case Study: Love Our Lurkers Week

Module 6:


  • Lesson 1: What does “Moderating” Mean?
  • Lesson 2: Reactive Moderation & Conflict Management
  • Lesson 3: Proactive Moderation
  • Lesson 4: Feedback Loops
  • Lesson 5: 3-Step Social Customer Care Plan
  • Lesson 6: Common Types of Community Members

Module 7:

Community Metrics & Tools

  • Lesson 1: What to Measure
  • Lesson 2: Measuring Growth
  • Lesson 3: Measuring Activity
  • Lesson 4: Measuring Experience
  • Lesson 5: Community Platform Considerations
  • Lesson 6: Facebook Groups as a Community Platform
  • Lesson 7: Other Types of Community Platforms

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