Optimization & Testing Mastery Course

$99.00 / month

Certified Optimization & Testing Specialists are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses develop a repeatable optimization process to increase conversions in their sales funnel, landing pages, and key conversion pages. In short, Optimization & Testing Specialists are able to diagnose site problems and test new solutions that increase profits for the traffic you already have.

What you will learn?


We’ll cover the role optimization plays in an organization, the characteristics of an optimizer, identifying the appropriate KPIs to measure in your campaigns, and the importance (and difference) of qualitative & quantitative data.

Identifying & Prioritizing

There is an infinite number of tests you could run on your site and in this course, we’ll explain exactly how to identify test worthy pages and a prioritization method to ensure that you are always working on the most.

Hypothesis Construction

We’ll share the hypothesis formula you need to make sure you never run a bad test again. A test without a hypothesis is a guess and we don’t want to guess when it comes to business growth.

Split Testing

Split testing is the backbone to your optimization efforts. In this course, we’ll show you step-by-step how to run a conclusive test that gives you data you can trust to make informed business decisions.


Course Details

Module 1

Start Here

  • Lesson 1: Meet Your Instructor
  • Lesson 2: Here’s what to expect
  • Lesson 3: What is CRO
  • Lesson 4: Term List and Lingo

Module 2

Introduction to Optimization

  • Lesson 1: The Role of Optimization
  • Lesson 2: KPI Selection
  • Lesson 3: Aggregating Data
  • Lesson 4: UsabilityHub Walkthrough
  • Lesson 5: Hotjar Session Recording Example
  • Lesson 6: Form Field Analysis – New
  • Lesson 7: Side Step Your Developer with Tag Manager

Module 3

Identifying & Prioritizing

  • Lesson 1: Page Identification
  • Lesson 2: Page Prioritization

Module 4

Element Selection

  • Lesson 1: Case Study Warning
  • Lesson 2: Copy Tests
  • Lesson 3: Image Tests
  • Lesson 4: Navigation Tests
  • Lesson 5: Search Boxes Tests
  • Lesson 6: Videos
  • Lesson 7: Overlays
  • Lesson 8: Form Elements

Module 5

Hypothesis Construction

  • Lesson 1: The Importance of a Hypothesis
  • Lesson 2: How to Create a Hypothesis
  • Lesson 3: Hypothesis Example
  • Lesson 4: GPower Configuration

Module 6

Split Testing

  • Lesson 1: Test
  • Lesson 2: Spit Testing Basics
  • Lesson 3: Should I Actually Test
  • Lesson 4: Principles of Persuasion
  • Lesson 5: Campaign Scheduling
  • Lesson 6: Optimization Calendar
  • Lesson 7: Test Analysis
  • Lesson 8: Powerpoint Example Video Walkthrough
  • Lesson 9: Getting a Test Set in VWO

Module 7

Optimization Methods

  • Lesson 1: Offer Audit
  • Lesson 2: On-Site Retargeting
  • Lesson 3: Personalization
  • Lesson 4: How to Test with Low Traffic
  • Lesson 5: Landing Page Optimization
  • Lesson 6: How to Segment


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