SEO Training Courses

Modern SEO training courses are not set by any curriculum or ruling body. This means that a massive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultancy can run a course side by side with a course created by a 12-year-old child in his or her bedroom. So, the question begs, are SEO training courses worth the money?

From Whom Are You Buying The Course?

In the paragraphs below, there is a straight answer to the question. The paragraphs below explain how they are not worth the money and how they are worth the money, but we must first discuss from whom you are buying the courses. If the people offering the course are not the best, then the course will be of poor quality. 

If they are good, then the course may be good. However, there are a lot of well-meaning people out there who are trying to teach SEO but are actually very bad at it themselves. The company or people you buy the course from will matter as much as any other consideration in this article.

The Big Answer – No

Let’s make something very clear. Very few online articles, very few online courses, and online videos actually know how to conduct good SEO. Even fewer understand how SEO really works. Even the old “SEO for Dummies” is now so outdated that they are actually detrimental to your SEO. 

Are ALL SEO training courses worth the money? In most cases, they are not because you are learning from people who are working with old rules. You are learning from people who are not actually running SEO campaigns of their own. You are learning from people who cannot prove the validity of their theories and tools. Can teach you all about it but without solid and current evidence of them working.

This is made all the worse by the fact there are tools out there that still push old-fashioned SEO. Many of them do it, and nobody seems to ask why. The reason why so many tools and courses still push old rules is that they are easy. They are easier than telling people that SEO is highly personalized and that a deep understanding of big data and machine learning is required to even touch the surface of true SEO. It is far easier to tell people to put a certain number of keywords in their text and then send people out on their way with false information.

The Bigger Answer – Yes

You have probably already guessed that SEO training courses are worth the money if you can find the right teacher. The issues raised in the previous paragraphs are all true. However, there are a tiny number of SEO training courses out there that actually teach what people need to know. There are courses out there that teach actionable content that people can test, try out, adapt and use. It is not about learning a bunch of rules. It is about learning a bunch of concepts and methods that you may work into your campaign organically. Get in touch with the team at SEO Academy today to learn more.