Boost SEO Besides Keywords

It’s true that keywords are vital for your SEO campaign. But there are other areas of SEO that you also need to focus on to stay in sync with that works best for your site. Without focusing too much on keywords, here are some key areas that you might be ignoring that could boost SEO besides keywords.



Offering your audience quality, original content will improve your site’s ranking. Duplicate content, on the other hand, will cause detrimental effects on your rankings. To check if your site has duplicate content, you may use CopyScape to do the job for you.


Apart from offering original content, you should also make sure that it’s easy to read. Then, add images to make your site more attractive and enticing to read. However, when you add images, ensure that they’re not copyrighted, else your site will be penalized.



Studies after studies showed that site visitors abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. That said, make sure that your site loads in less than three seconds. Google is also using speed as a ranking factor, thereby, making it vital that you analyze your site’s speed regularly.


Optimize titles

Your meta descriptions and titles should not be extremely long or short. Use the description to attract more links. Optimize your titles to increase click percentages, especially if it’s combined with high quality, relevant content.


Keep user in mind

The search engine algorithms are smarter. They’re developed along with user habits. Your SEO campaign should keep user experience in mind, so as to engage your users.


Strategic navigation is also vital for the user experience. Distribute all internal links across your content and don’t just focus on the navigation bar. Highlight your SEO on other more important parts of your site’s content. That is, make sure that you highlight the most relevant pages of your site. For example, your testimonial page must not rank higher than your product description page. On less important pages, use the no follow code. Doing so will direct search engines to focus on other pages.


Boosting your SEO campaign will help your site rank higher. However, it won’t happen instantly. That’s why SEO is a long-term campaign. It takes four to six months before you’ll see results. During those months, you won’t see desired results yet. For some sites, it can take up to a year before they realize the results they’ve wanted to see. But it’s all worth the wait.

boost seo besides keywords