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Is there really anything that Danny Star Digital Marketing can help you with when it comes to generating content ideas? After all, isn’t generating ideas a very esoteric or very personal thing? This article isn’t about giving you ideas, it is about how you generate ideas when you are tasked daily to create ideas. It is about the process, not about the act itself.

The Advice That Danny Star Digital Marketing Cannot Take Itself

This is a piece of advice that seems really wishy-washy at first, but as you become and jaded and old-hat blogger who has seen it all, you start to notice the wisdom in its truth. That piece of advice is that you should write about what you are passionate about.

You are almost certainly passionate about your business because you are doing it every day. Write about the subjects that you are truly passionate about, even if that topic has been talked to death already.

A good example is in games journalism. You can tell which people wrote their guides or reviews while playing the game that they loved, and those who are writing about a game they are not currently playing and enjoying. The difference is stark, from the quality of the wordage to the level of detail on offer.

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