Attorney SEO

In the movie “The Devil’s Advocate,” there is a brilliant sequence with actors Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino, during that scene, Keanu shouts, “Why the law? Why lawyers?”. To which Al Pacino replies, “Because the law puts us into everything. It is the ultimate backstage pass,” and Al Pacino couldn’t be more right. Law is one of the few industries that covers almost everything, from ground rent to space exploration. As a result, attorney and law-related marketing can go in any direction, take any form, and apply to almost anything. That is why Attorney SEO is so difficult to master.

Why is Law-Based SEO So Difficult?

Let’s say you are selling lawnmowers. You can monitor your competitors, you can look at historic data, and run your own tests to see what drives traffic to your website. You can hone in on the very people who need your lawnmowers, and more importantly, you can eliminate just about everybody else.

Almost none of this applies to modern law marketing. Besides excluding children who are unable to be prosecuted, you pretty much cannot exclude anybody from your marketing. Also, there are many occasions where preemptive branding is very difficult. For example, you may be able to create a relationship with a property developer who frequently needs property lawyers, but what about people who need help with child support, or people who have just broken the law, how do you get your message to them prior to them needing your services? How do you build a relationship with them before they even know they need you?

Learn How to Understand The SEO Landscape

When you watch YouTube videos on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), they almost always talk about backlinks, keywords, and loading times. These are mostly the technical things that you need to fix up. And, even though they are important, you should remember that a website needs to be useful and preferably popular if you want to rank up the search engine results. It doesn’t hurt to have a bit of social media influence, but in general, it is the quality of your website and your content that really makes the difference.

Getting the Technical Stuff Correct

There are quite a number of on-page things you can do with your website to make it more search engine friendly, and even though they are not fully necessary, they do make it easier to rank up the search engine results. In most cases, it is the things you “Don’t” do that help or hinder your website. For example, the people who put ten pictures on their primary landing page, despite the fact that people are there to read and learn (not to look at pictures), are going to damage their website’s search engine ranking more than if they have a few spelling mistakes or poorly anchored links. Avoiding mistakes is often more important than doing the right thing.

The very baseline, the very starting point that you need to get correct is your technical stuff. You need to learn about Attorney SEO from a service like SEO Academy. You need to understand how your content should be read by search engines, how it should be easy to share on social media, and how it should be user-friendly so that it ranks up the search engine results.