SEO Training in Los Angeles

You may have heard stories about how SEO Training in Los Angeles changed the way people do business. It sounds like the sort of puff-piece material that news companies churn out on slow-news days, but it makes sense that a better understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) would change the way a company operates. If you were given the knowledge and understanding required to use a new tool, wouldn’t you use that tool? Wouldn’t you incorporate its use into your business plan?

Centralized Online Thinking

After the Internet bubble burst and trust in the Internet were slowly growing, people like Bill Gates were saying how a company’s website would one day be its biggest ambassador. For quite a while, this was the case, especially when companies like Amazon were making billions with a central focus on their website.

Then, along came the new era of the Internet. The era of streaming, online gaming, interactive apps, and social media. Suddenly, the app was the ambassador, or the YouTube channel was the ambassador.

Knowing and understanding SEO means that a company’s website can be its ambassador again. It can rise up through the search engine results so that it becomes your centralized hub for all your online business and promotion.

That way, things like your social media promotions, your apps, your online services, are the arms and legs of your website. They are not the ambassadors for your brand, they are just methods for drawing people to your website.

Learning to Rely on Your Website

Most people have no real idea how SEO works because the rules have changed so often and so frequently. If you were around for the bad old days of SEO, then you may remember the upset caused by the Penguin and Panda updates.

People had come to rely on their website and its search engine ranking. They relied on search engines for traffic, attention, and income. Then, along came to the Panda and Penguin updates, and suddenly their websites dropped from the search engine results (many were banned too). All of this led to the sort of distrust that still exists today. People are afraid to rely on their website’s search engine results position because they are afraid the rug will be pulled from under them again. 

However, if you take a course in SEO, you can understand how the system works. Rather than trying to manipulate the search engines, you can learn how they operate. This means that when you build up your online reputation with the search engines, you can guard against having your website drop from the results. In other words, if you learn how SEO works, then you can learn how to protect your website so that you can start relying on search engine traffic once again.

Get The Right Type of Help

If you are looking for SEO Training in Los Angeles, then get in touch with the team at SEO Academy. Discover how the search engines operate and discover new ways to incorporate your knowledge into your long-term business plans.