Getting your CBD SEO done correctly is very difficult because the search engines are not keyed into CBD in the same way they are with other products. Search engines use past data to decide what they are going to display, and there are far less past data on CBD than there is on something like cheese or scooters. What’s more, most online content for CBD is still of a criminal or medical nature rather than a recreational drug nature, which means criminal or medical content comes up more often than recreational drug content. This is a problem, and this is why you need to concentrate on CBD SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Starting Your CBD SEO

You need to be very plain-speaking and very upfront about your products and/or about your topic. The search engines are looking for specifics in your case, which means you need to avoid any sales speak. Any version of fluffing up your text with promotional wordage is a very bad idea. This also means that when you write content, you need to get straight to the point and you need to be very direct. No dancing around the point and no trying to blur the issue.

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