search engine optimization

Don’t let online gurus and click-bait YouTube videos fool you. Learning SEO doesn’t have hacks. There are no quick tips. There are no unifying theories, and most people have no idea how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) actually works. The stuff you read online is created by people who are simply re-interpreting the misinformation they read from somewhere else. If you really want to learn the search engine optimization basics in Los Angeles, CA, you need to take a legitimate paid course. You need information from people who actually work SEO for a living and so understand its workings.

Driving Forces – Not Rules

Back in the old days, SEO had a bunch of rules. Nowadays, there are almost no rules at all. For example, back in the old days, you needed to add keywords to links, you couldn’t duplicate content, you needed perfect spelling, and so forth. These days, all of those rules have gone out the window. If you have a poorly formatted, poorly spelled website, but it happens to be popular because you are giving away free hugs, then Google will rank it up. The only rules that truly exist are to be highly publicized. Without getting into controversial topics that might get your site banned.

Why Are There So Many Conflicting Opinions?

If you go online now and try to learn how trigonometry works, then 90% of the content you see is going to contain the same information (the other 10% will be wrong for whatever reason). However, if you go online now and try to learn all the early signs of autism, many of the sources (including supposedly trusted ones) will have information and opinions, much of which oppose one another.

SEO has a similar problem. Much of what you read and watch is wrong because people have misinterpreted what they learned from other sources, and much of what you see is wrong because it is based on old information. These days, Google uses machine learning and personalization to decide where your website goes on the search engine. Even the people who know this fact (because Google has advertised it), will still interpret the information differently. Some think you can trick the Google algorithm, others believe the system works like a robot and so everything must be perfect. 

What you need is a course run by people who run SEO campaigns all the time. You need a course from people who are waist-deep in the world of search engine optimization. If you understand how SEO really works, then you too can run SEO campaigns and learn from what works to improve your search engine ranking slowly over time.

Learning At Your Own Rate

Getting to grips with SEO is not like learning how to drive. It takes time, but you can learn at your own rate. Try out what you learn and use it to your benefit over time. There are no such things as quick results (not real ones, at least). If you want to learn the search engine optimization basics in Los Angeles, CA, then use the SEO Academy. Learn stuff you can actually incorporate into a long-term SEO campaign. Contact us today.