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Local SEO is vital to help your small business become popular in the area you serve. Check out our school for SEO to learn more about how to perform this kind of optimization. The main goal of local SEO is to reach online users in a certain region. When done right, local SEO can help boost your search engine ranking. It will also result in more customers or clients.

What are the Local SEO Practices that You Can Learn from the School for SEO?

1. Write Correct NAP

NAP stands for your brand’s name, address, and phone number. These details must be correct so that your clients can easily contact you. Not only that but it will also help the search engines in sorting web pages to provide its users with the most accurate result in the locality. Google states that the NAP is vital for local SEO. Thus, you must ensure that your name, business address and phone number are accurate in all areas online. With inaccurate information, the search engines will be confused. Google searches require updated information for effective local marketing.

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2. Set Up Site Structure Properly

If you are serving multiple cities, it is ideal that you create specific pages for every city. It is especially beneficial if you only have one office but serves in different areas. Doing so will help your site rank organically in areas where you do not have a physical office.

3. Improve Linking Structure

External links are vital but so are your internal links. That’s why you need to adjust the structure to boost your local SEO ranking. Internal link supports site navigation. It can assist your site visitors in finding information on your site. It also properly distributes page authority. Our school for SEO gives you some strategies on how to improve the internal linking structure for top-notch optimization.

4. Optimize Your Site’s URL and Title Tags

Each time you publish a post, it will be a new indexed page. It will also be a new chance for your site to get found by the search engine. When writing content, you must optimize it for search engines and the user through high-volume keywords. It means that you need to insert keywords in the URL, header, title and meta description, as well as body.

5. Write Local Content

Focus your writing about the industry news that can surely attract a local audience. For example, if you serve San Diego, you may talk about the area’s local attractions or landmarks. You may also provide a map or a calendar of the city’s events. These details include highly relevant local signals.

Online Courses for Local SEO

The tips provided above are just some of the things you can do to improve your local SEO. If you wish to get more in-depth information, make sure to enroll in SEO Academy. Our online courses offer comprehensive details on how to perform local SEO more effectively. You can easily implement them.


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