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Google is not the only search engine in the world. There are a lot of them available for you to explore. However, most people are using Google. Hence, it is understandable that most SEO specialists focus their effort on it. But, as you enroll in our SEO Academy, you will realize that it is not enough to optimize your site for Google. 

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is getting ready for a slowdown in its main business. In the first quarter of 2019, its ad revenue slowed down. It was a decline in profit from the past year. 

In that case, if you rely too much on Google search, your revenue might be affected significantly. But it does not mean that you stop optimizing your site for Google search. Rather, it simply means that you need to target your campaign for other search engines as well. 

seo academy

Does SEO Academy Teach SEO for Other Search Engines 

Absolutely. Our specialists do not just focus on one search engine in teaching students how to optimize their site. Rather, they will also tackle ways on how to boost rankings on other search engines. 

As mentioned earlier, Google’s business is slowing down. It is a sign that you should not be over-dependent on the said platform. 

Start Caring About Other Search Engines 

It is not easy to please the search engines. However, as you build authority in their eyes, search traffic will not fade away easily. They do not work like other sources because the traffic from the search engines is stable, free and scalable. 

In addition to Google, Bing is also a great alternative. The platform has seen an increase in market share. It reached more than 20% for the first time. One of the reasons for this is that Mozilla canceled Google. Instead, it forged a partnership with Yahoo. 

AOL, on the other hand, let go of Google and chose Bing as its default search engine. Although losing partnership from these companies will not significantly affect Google’s business, its monopolistic market share may soon be gone. 

In that case, it is worth considering using other search engines for your optimization campaign. Bing and Yahoo should be part of your SEO campaign to help you obtain a higher conversion rate. 

As your competitors are fighting for that first page on Google, why not take advantage of it by getting more traffic and new customers through other search engines. Keep in mind, though, that Bing and Yahoo consider high-quality links as some of the factors for getting higher rankings. 

Unlike Google, other search engines have a straightforward algorithm. However, their bots are not as intelligent as Google. Thus, you must put extra effort to boost your rankings. Some things you can do is to take advantage of meta keywords. Other search engines consider them as vital. 

Learn SEO Today 

If you are still new in SEO, you should consider learning the basics. At SEO Academy, you will learn the basic concepts that you can implement for your digital marketing. You will learn how the search engines find your site. To know more about our SEO online courses, please call us at (877) 503-8231.