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Search engine optimization is like pitching to the search engines to put your website on top of the SERP for certain keywords. However, pitching is difficult because it entails tons of factors. And one of them is link building. SEO Academy teaches online courses on how to build links that can boost your site’s ranking.

Link Building And Its Importance

Link building has been encouraged since Larry Page and Sergey Brin implement backlinks as one of the factors in ranking the relevance of a page to a certain search query. Before, search engines ranked sites’ pages based on the times the keywords appeared on the page. That’s why tons of marketers in those days stuffed their web pages with the keywords they are targeting. SEO and link building was easy in those days. But with the introduction of links as a ranking factor, SEO’s games have changed dramatically. The reason for this is that building links requires a lot of work. You need to ask for links from other websites.

seo academy

The Proper Process Of Link Building Accepted By Google

By signing up for the online courses of SEO Academy, you will earn how to build proper links that Google considers as valid. When you start the link building process, you need to look for websites that mentioned your company or talked about your products but they did not include a link to your website. You may also find authoritative pages with broken links. Those broken links can be replaced with your own.

Another way to build links is to contact the owner of the website you wish to get a link. In here, you need to email your prospect and pitch in your link-building strategy. You need to follow it up if the prospect does not respond. Before you can get links from other websites, you need to be an effective salesperson. The goal here is to reach out and connect with the prospect. Unfortunately, most of your prospects will say no to the idea. Asking 100 publishers for a link back to your website will only return 10 results. And if you are targeting well-known, highly authoritative websites, you might get none. That’s why our SEO experts at SEO Academy recommends asking more prospects to connect with your site. But do not try spamming hundreds of publishers with scripted, non-customized email messages. It is unethical. These publishers will not respond to your request.

Contact as many prospects as possible and make sure that the messages are customized to your certain prospect.

Learn at the SEO Academy

The modern way to optimize your site for the search engines entails a complicated process. This is where SEO Academy becomes beneficial. As a website owner, you need to build links properly to avoid getting penalized. Find out more about link building through our online SEO courses. Our SEO Academy offers tons of tutorials that can help you boost your SEO knowledge. Talk to our experts today at (877) 503-8231.