Danny Star The Marketing Guru

Rather than offer up some tired old SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advice, Danny Star the marketing guru offered up some advice on the things you shouldn’t do with your SEO. Here are a few bits of the information that Danny Star has been offering up for free.

Don’t Start Questions Just to Answer Them

Somebody has hit upon the idea of setting up an account to ask questions on Q&A sites and then setting up other accounts to answer the questions with links to their website. This type of promotional nonsense is the reason why Q&A sites are now dead. Avoid them. 

Don’t Post Frequently on Social Media

Unless you actually have something to say, then just don’t do it. The companies that are posting almost daily on social media, so that they may get attention and backlinks to their website, have eliminated those platforms from Google. The search engines simply ignore the social media accounts that are posting the same unimportant content for the sake of posting.

Don’t Alter Your Web Code

Unless you are a professional and you fully understand your own web code, then do not alter it. There are too many websites, articles, and tutorials that give people advice on how to fix up their website coding to make it neater and more search engine friendly, but you put your entire website at risk when you tamper with the code without fully understanding why.

Don’t Rely on Plugins

Platforms like WordPress offer people the chance to build some truly search engine-friendly websites, but one of the biggest reasons for slow websites (and ergo poorly performing websites) are plugins. A single plugin may only add an extra second of loading time to your website, but it really adds up if you have twenty or thirty plugins running.

Don’t Confuse Web SEO with Social Media SEO

What makes your social media content popular on social media isn’t what makes it popular on Google. For example, if you upload a video about fixing a Playstation controller onto YouTube, then it may appear on the first page of the YouTube search results, but your video may appear on page 2000 of the Google search engine results. What makes your content popular on social media and on Google are very different because their SEO is very different.

Don’t Rely on Images

There is some very old advice about how you should add images to all your articles, and where it used to be valid, it is now damaging. If your article has images that it doesn’t need, then it will damage your SEO. WordPress has tried to help with this problem. When you upload an image to your WordPress website, it actually asks you if you would like to mark your image as decoration. Decorative images are coded differently so that they don’t damage your website’s SEO on WordPress. If your images have no use, then mark them as decorative.

Do Get Help From Seasoned Experts

There are a lot of people out there calling themselves experts, and that is because being an SEO expert is not a protected term. Anybody can call themselves an expert in SEO, so be careful who you buy from. Danny Star the marketing guru suggests you take a legitimate course with a company like SEO Academy. Get good, reliable, and correct information from legitimate sources if you really want to make an impact with your website or social media profile.