SEO expert

At the time of approaching digital marketing, SEO will be one of the key building blocks. This branch of the field is very simple in theory, but not so much in practice. Let’s go over what SEO expert Danny Star considers to be some of the most important things to keep in mind when implementing SEO.


Organize Your Strategy

Number one mistake made by those first trying to implement SEO is that they do so without a proper strategy. Think about how you’d approach traditional marketing. You wouldn’t just start placing ads at random across the city, would you? No, you would probably first determine the spots in town where your intended audience is most likely to circulate, especially if you’re providing local services for which prospective clients wouldn’t want to go that far. After all, that is the thoughtful way to approach marketing, and the same applies to your digital efforts. If your attempts at SEO aren’t working as desired, you should consider developing a better strategy that has specific goals and a clear path to them.

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