Link building is vital for any type of website. And it’s especially crucial for CBD-related websites because they can’t easily promote their products through ads. Building links is crucial to improve search engine optimization (SEO) for CBD websites. It can draw potential customers. However, when you apply the wrong techniques, though, links can increase your site’s being penalized by Google.

What is Link Building in CBD SEO?

Generally, link building is taking action to improve the number of inbound links to your CBD-related website. Inbound links are vital to boost search rankings. Search engines consider the link as a recommendation for your website. Links can tell Google, for instance, that your website or content is valuable and relevant.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to build links. Some sites will link to your site naturally. You won’t know it until you see the referrals in your Google Analytics. But not all inbound links are good for your rankings. For instance, Google punishes reciprocal links. According to Search Engine Journal, “Simply put, reciprocal links are against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.”

So, how are you going to build links to improve the rankings of your CBD site?

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