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SEO is not just for Google. Rather, it is for various search engines available. That’s why our SEO online courses are not only applicable for Google but also for Bing. Microsoft’s Bing is the second most popular search engine, next to Google. 

Indeed, Google owns more than 60 percent of the US market share. Thus, it only makes sense to focus your attention to this search engine. 

Then again, ignoring the marketing potential of Bing is a huge mistake. In 2018, it had a US market share of 24.1. That is, one in every four searches conducted on Bing. 

In that case, you must consider optimizing your site to Bing as well and our SEO online courses can help.

seo online courses

Lower Competition 

Most companies are trying to compete at the number spot on Google. But only a few companies are competing on Bing. 

In that case, it makes a lot easier for you to get a higher spot. Because of this lower competition, it only takes less time to see your ranking go up. That is if you have fully optimized your site. 

Bing and Yahoo 

Since 2009, Bing powers Yahoo search engine. Thus, when you optimize your site for Bing, your website will get a huge boost on the Yahoo search results page. 

As regards to ranking factors, Bing is more transparent than Google. You may check out Bing Webmaster Guidelines. Just like Google, Bing emphasizes on high-quality content. It stated on its Guidelines that site with thin on content will not have a good ranking. It is especially true if the site shows mostly ads or affiliate links. 

Links are also vital for Bing. But your links must be organically obtained. Just like Google, Bing also denounced the use of link spamming, link farms and other link schemes. 

As for social media, Bing is clear about social media’s role in ranking websites. The shares and likes you get are positive signals. They tell Bing that your site is influential and authoritative. 

Bing Traffic 

Traffic coming from Bing is more likely to convert than Google’s traffic. This is another reason for you to start optimizing your website for Bing. 

What to do to Optimize Site for Bing

The first step is to index your site for Bing. Make sure that all vital pages on your site are indexed in Bing. You can do so by submitting your site to Bing through Bing Webmaster Tools. 

The next step is to clean your sitemaps. Bing penalizes pages with a lot of 404 errors or redirects. After cleaning up your sitemaps, re-submit it to Bing. Make sure that it now includes working links only. 

Bing does not crawl sites as frequently as Google does. In that case, you should only submit your sitemap after you have made changes to your site. 

Other Things to Do 

These steps are just a few of the things you can do to optimize your site for Bing. To know more about how to improve your site’s ranking on Bing, consider enrolling in our SEO online courses. We can teach you everything you must know about search engine optimization. Talk to us today at (877) 503-8231