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Google and Facebook barred companies that sell products containing cannabidiol (CBD). For that reason, these companies are increasing their search engine optimization efforts. And our SEO online courses at SEO Academy can help. 

Major ad players have strict policies regarding CBD advertising. Regardless of what platform you choose, they all create a confusing ecosystem for these companies causing them to wonder about the best way to market their products. 

But some reports are stating that Google is currently testing a program that allows CBD marketing in its platform, provided it would not use the term CBD in the ads. 

Facebook is also said to be tweaking its policy regarding its policies on CBD marketing. 

seo online courses

How to Market CBD Products 

Now, if you are selling CBD products, then your only avenue to market them is to amplify your SEO campaign. You may also consider public relations firms in developing forms for your site. 

The click-through rate can vary. The majority of users searching for CBD click on organic results. When using SEO, consider using other industry-related terms, like hemp.  

The current situation regarding CBD marketing is less to do with the government laws but it has more to do with the private companies. They are not comfortable in allowing these products to be marketed on their platforms. 

Content for CBD Focused Website 

Content marketing is an important tool in marketing your CBD products to your cold prospects and entice them into your conversion funnel. When writing content about this topic, you may consider providing information on CBD oils, their health benefits, how and where to buy them, etc. 

One of the things that you learn in our SEO online courses is to learn how to market banned products. We will teach you a CBD content marketing strategy that can effectively drive your prospective customers to your site. 

Since content marketing requires the use of related keywords, you may look into some keyword phrases on Keyword Planner. However, this tool does not offer keyword research data on CBD and other related queries. 

However, Google is not the only search engine available. You may also use Bing when searching for related keywords. One of the most popular queries about CBD is “what is CBD oil.” It appeared on Bing search more than 12,000 times. This search term has likely been used more than 12,000 times on Google as well. 

People are getting curious about CBD oil and they are not looking for such information on social media. Instead, they opt to use Google and other search engines to find out more about such a product. 

Thus, if you wish to attract these customers and compel them to visit your site, you must create an SEO-optimized content about CBD and CBD oil. 

Wondering how to create such content? Let our SEO online courses teach you. Our courses were written by experts in the industry. They are also easy to understand and implement. To know more about them, contact us at (877) 503-8231