SEO Training Courses

If you find a good one, then yes, SEO training courses are worth the money. It is hard to say outright if a training service is good. For example, there are plenty of companies offering driving lessons, and even though they are all teaching the same thing, some are awesome and some are awful.

What Makes a Good SEO Course?

Some would say that “correct” information is the biggest feature, but that is not fully true. There is no correct information on the Internet. Even Google only has starter information on SEO. The rest is what people have had to figure out, and the Google search engine changes in ways that are hard to predict what will be relevant next year.

Perhaps the best feature of a good SEO course is giving you the information to grow and evolve your own SEO. To be able to test and understand the mechanics so that you can figure it out for yourself next year when the rules change again. 

Understanding The Mechanics?

A good example is web page visitors. Some SEO courses suggest you measure your success by the number of visitors you get on your website, but the amount of visitors is a useless metric without context. For example, you may be selling lawnmowers, but you get a lot of web visitors because somebody posted a naked celebrity on your Facebook page and people are visiting your website to see if you have more pictures. 

A good course will teach you the mechanics so that you can measure your success properly. So that you can know the difference between different visitor metrics. Knowing if the people are sticking around on your website because they can’t find their way out, or if it is because they are genuinely interested in your website.

The Technical Stuff

Understanding the technical stuff is also important. Perhaps you don’t need to be an expert programmer but knowing why your website host is damaging your SEO will help you make better decisions when you pick a new host. A good course should teach you at least a little bit about technical tools or issues.

Understanding The On-Page Situation

There is a lot of misinformation about on-page SEO, and most of it is due to people still abiding by very old and very outdated rules. Teaching courses tend to stick to some of this information without fully examining why some of it still works and why some of it does. A good SEO course will both offer good on-page SEO advice and will also understand why some rules still work and why others don’t.

Finding a Good Teaching Academy

Don’t look for positive reviews when you are searching for SEO training courses because anybody can post positive reviews. Companies hire teams of people to run around posting positive reviews, it is easy. A good teaching service like SEO Academy will have good reviews and even a few bad ones. It is only when the negative reviews are overwhelmingly bad that they should probably be avoided. Take a look at what the SEO Academy has to offer. You will be pleasantly surprised.