Search Engine Optimization Basics Los Angeles CA

You have somehow arrived on this page because you want the best Search Engine Optimization Basics Los Angeles, CA has to offer. Prepare for a  tour on the subject. 

Run a Google Developer Web Speed Check

Go to this web tool, originally created by Google, and run a page speed check on some of your most popular pages. Here is the page you need to visit:

It will tell you about the biggest immediate concerns for your web page at the moment. Mostly revolves around the speed of your web page, but the information it gives you may point to other problems.

The information it is going to churn out will seem far too complicated at first, but you can Google each term as you go down its diagnostic list, and you can figure out how to fix each problem you see. Things like “Reduce initial server response time” may be something you will have to take up with your web host, possibly by changing your current hosting plan or changing your web host completely.

Change Your Images to WebP

If possible, take down your images, and put WebP images up there instead. This is not vitally important, but it will make your website more search engine friendly. It also helps you run through your images and perhaps remove some that are too large for their own good and remove some that perhaps do not really belong on the pages where you have placed them.

Remove General Annoyances

Things like pop-up videos are distracting. In fact, any sort of pop-up feature is annoying. Auto-starting audio or video can be very annoying. Asking people to click a link to something like the checkout, only to have it send them to another selling screen, is bothersome too. Asking people why they are leaving is another irritating message that people don’t want to see.

Have One to Three Tagged Keywords

If you are adding content to your website and you are filling out the meta or tagged keywords section, don’t bother with more than three keywords. In fact, just one keyword is probably fine. Think of keywords like hashtags on your Instagram posts. If you are running branded content or your content is on a topic that several people may research, then consider them for keywords. Again, think of them more as hashtags when you pick them.

Stop Making Decisions Based on Your Analytics

The fact is that you cannot interpret your analytics because there isn’t enough information in them to make an informed decision. Analytics are used when you have a very specific goal in mind, when you enact a plan, and when you need to see indicators that your plan has worked or failed. They are used for very specific instances because they just don’t give away enough information for you to plan your website’s SEO in the short or long term. If you are looking for more than just Search Engine Optimization Basics in Los Angeles, CA, then get in touch with SEO Academy. Explain your current SEO goals and let them teach you what you need to know to create a plan, work it through, and gather its results. Move away from just the basics and start really making an impact with your SEO. Get in touch with SEO Academy today.