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Local SEO is vital for any website. It is especially true if your business has several locations. Knowing how to optimize your site is vital. Our School for SEO is here to help. 

What is Local SEO 

It is an effective way to promote your local business online. To understand it, you must have a full comprehension of a local search. There is a difference between a standard search and a local search.

When you consider a local search, it typically includes a location in the keyword. Some may include “near me” in the phrase. But this is not necessary because Google knows where you are and would assume local intent. 

school for seo

With this type of query, the search engines know that the searcher is looking for a business based on location. And this is where local SEO becomes vital. 

When optimizing your site for local searches, consider having your physical address in the footer. Your business address is a piece of information that tells the search engines your exact location. Apart from being useful to the visitors, it also affects your credibility and local search rankings. 

Because of its importance, you must include it on every page of your site. And the best way to do it is to play it on the footer of every page. Apart from the address, you put also include the name of your business and phone number, if there is any. 

Different Pages for Different Locations

There is no need to create a new site for every location you serve. However, you need a separate landing page for every location. 

Doing it this way will let your visitors know that your services are available in that area. It also helps in getting a high rank on the search engine results page. 


Local SEO involves citations. They are review pages where people can go to review a business or compare them. The search engines use citation pages to verify that what you say on your NAP data is correct. 

You may use different citation pages. The more you have them on your site, the better. But you can start with Yelp. 

Ask for Reviews

Reviews are vital. They are part of local SEO that is carried out off your site. But it can boost your site ranking, nonetheless. 

Keep in mind that Google uses reviews to rank your site. Your goal here is to obtain as many good ratings and reviews as possible. 

How to Get Reviews 

Our school for SEO offers various online SEO courses that will teach you to obtain vital reviews for your website. We provide many different courses that provide techniques to surely boost your ranking. The courses are taught by some of the best experts in the industry. 

The courses available in our school for SEO start at $99 a month. You can enroll in one or two at the same time. It does not matter. You will also learn at your own pace and time as you can easily access them. For more information about the available courses, please contact (877) 503-8231