School for SEO

One of the SEO experts in Los Angeles, Danny Star, launched his own school for SEO. The SEO Academy offers online courses that can help you get started with SEO. Search engine optimization does not just tackle content. Rather, it is a complex system that requires SEO experts to guide you throughout.

The courses are updated considering that the search engines tweak their algorithms many times. With the online courses, you can keep up with the Joneses in SEO. You can copy the strategies of your competitors. But it might not help you outrank them. The only way to do is to get into the nitty-gritty of your website and implement the SEO strategies you could learn from SEO Academy. Danny Star and his team will teach you the reasons not to copy your competitors. Rather, you need to know what they do to rank well, apply their strategies, and do them better.

Competitor Analysis

One of the most critical aspects of SEO is to perform competitor analysis. In this process, you need to identify the critical key phrases used and the sites you will be competing. Then, perform an organic ranking audit before you can analyze your competitors’ top ranking pages. Determine the factors that search engines value and make a plan on how to apply those elements for your site.

school for seo

Keyword Research

You need a keyword strategy if you wish to boost your SEO efforts. One of the online courses offered at SEO Academy is how to perform keyword research. In here, you will learn how to find the most relevant key phrases for your business. A keyword strategy may involve the use of a Google Keyword Planner. It is a free tool and anyone can sign up and use it. However, it is a complicated medium. If you wish to maximize this tool, consider registering for our online courses. SEO Academy will teach you how to create active Google Ads campaigns if you wish to start a search engine marketing.

Competitor Search

You may think that site A is your main competitor. However, when you perform a competitor analysis, you will be surprised to know that your primary competition is not even on your list. In other words, some of your significant competitors are not obvious. The general rule here is that a site that ranks for the key praises that you wish to rank for is a competitor. In that case, the eCommerce sites and media companies are included. Hence, it is vital that you pick the websites that you wish to measure your site’s ranking performance against. If you do it the wrong way, you will be competing with the wrong sites. When that happens, your rankings will only suffer.

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But these are not the only things features in our school for SEO at SEO Academy. You will also learn how to audit your site. If you sign up today for the online courses, you can get ahead of your competition. Talk to one of our SEO specialists to help you book a schedule: (877) 503-8231