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You may think that you can easily teach yourself SEO. It is true that there are self-taught experts out there who are managing tons of websites and made them rank high on SERP. But today’s SEO is intricate. Keep in mind that Google, alone, tweaks its search engine algorithm many times per month. But Google is not the only search engine available. There are Yahoo and Bing that also boasted millions of users. It is not too late for you to learn SEO. But you need the guidance of SEO experts to teach you the ropes. And the online courses of SEO Academy are the ideal course for you, especially if you are still a rookie in this industry. For one day, you can get started and be on your way to mastering search engine optimization.

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How To Get Your Site Indexed By Google?

To get your site indexed by the search engines, you must allow their crawlers to check your pages. And it is easy. But the real challenge here is how to get your site ranked higher on the SERP for the keywords you are targeting. There are various factors that the search engines are using to rank your site and place it on top of the results page. But the most common factors are the authority, technology, and relevance.

Relevance is about your website. It is the title, content, and everything in between. Authority tackles the inbound links that your site gets. The technology, on the other hand, is the sitemap and meta tags, as well the general structure of your site. You need to master all of these to help your site rank well on Google and other search engines.

SEO Online Courses at SEO Academy

Although you can gather some details about them from various websites, the online SEO courses of SEO Academy are in-depth and they can be implemented easily and quickly. There is no need for you to jump from one site to another just to understand them. Danny Star and his team of SEO specialists will be there to give you everything that you need about SEO so you can better understand how to tackle relevance, authority, and technology.

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