SEO Online Courses

Figuring out which SEO Online Courses are the best is difficult because you sort of need to know all about SEO in order to understand which are giving out bogus, useless, or old-fashioned information. It is a catch-22 since you need to understand and know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to judge the quality of the teacher. This article tries to offer up a few ways to determine which online courses are offering poor quality information.

Do They Talk in Definites

The courses that declare you need exactly 3 images on a page, or exactly 182 characters in your meta description, or exactly three links that point out your content; if they talk in definites, then they have no idea what they are talking about. The Google search engine bases its ranking on how popular and how relevant a piece of content is.

For example, having things like poor spelling in your text isn’t desirable, but if your piece is popular and relevant to user searches, then it will rank up the search engine results no matter how many spelling mistakes.

Look For Negative Reviews

It is easier than ever to post positive reviews about a company. You can post them on every review website on the planet if you wish, no matter how legitimate or otherwise. So, looking for good reviews is useless, but looking for bad reviews has its uses. If a company has no negative reviews at all, then they are very new or they are suppressing their negative reviews (which is bad). If they have lots of negative reviews, then avoid them. However, if they have a random splattering of negative reviews, then consider them. All legitimate businesses get negative reviews because you can’t please all people at all times.

Get Recommendations From Other People

Try your best to get in touch with people who have taken the courses. Did they experience any success after what they learned? Did they get enough information and how did they apply it to their own websites? Is there a way of taking a smaller cheaper course to test out the information? If the company offers smaller courses, try testing out what you learned to see if it works. If you learn some genuinely interesting and useful stuff, then perhaps the rest of the course is worth the money. Beware of asking people on social media about a company or a course because supposedly helpful people will Google the company and then give you the first reviews they find.

Get Help From Professionals

Ideally, you want SEO online courses that are taught by professionals. The trouble is that there are no real qualifications for SEO, so you can’t really demand that a degree-holding SEO expert does the teaching. Still, if you want help from professional SEO experts who have been in the business for years and have known how SEO works from the ground up, then get in touch with SEO Academy and book a course. You will not regret it.