Google Academy SEO

You can take a Google Academy SEO course if you wish. It really depends on what you are looking for because the term “Google Academy” is not a protected term. This means that anybody can call their course a Google Academy course, be they a founded college or a kid in her bedroom. There are several sides to the issue of taking an SEO Academy course, so here are a few things to consider.

What Elements Do You Want to Learn?

If you are looking to know it all, then understand that it is a massive subject. It goes into everything, from how media sites are indexed, how the different Google search engines work, how other search engines affect it, how your hosting service affects your Google ranking, and so forth. On the other hand, if you are looking to improve the standing of your eCommerce website, then perhaps a comprehensive course is not required because there are going to be things you “Don’t” need to know.

What Budget Are You Working With?

Taking up courses is going to be expensive, but it isn’t as expensive as going to college, and there is an element of flexibility. When you think of a college course, it is usually set out over a series of terms or years, and you have to take them in fairly big chunks. That is not the case when you take an SEO course. In many cases, you can mix and match your courses, or take your courses at your own rate.

What Timeline Are you Working With? 

It isn’t a case of shorter deadlines costing more money. It is more than shorter deadlines, which means you have less to learn. If you are looking to learn as much about SEO as you can within a week, then you are better off trawling YouTube to watch as many videos as you can. If you are prepared to learn over a longer period of time, then you can learn more about SEO’s different avenues, its different nuances, and even its different functions.

What Use Will The Course Be?

Learning how to use SEO to promote your website isn’t going to guarantee traffic, sales, or subscriptions. Don’t forget that all your competitors also understand SEO and are trying their best to get ahead of you. Suffice it to say that learning SEO isn’t going to be the saving grace of your business. On a similar note, if all your competitors are learning about SEO and using it, then you should at least try to understand it and use it. As mentioned, it won’t save a failing business, but it could help prop up a growing business.

Try a Time-Tested Course

As you know, Google has changed the rules quite a bit over the years. If you are going to take a course in SEO, you should really pick a company that has been around for a while and understands the heritage. You need a company that has grown while Google has grown. At least that way, you can be sure that what you learn today is relevant to what happens tomorrow. If you are looking for a Google Academy SEO course, then strongly consider the SEO Academy. There are courses to suit all learning levels and all budgets. Get in touch today and find the course that is right for you.