Learn SEO

The rules on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) change all the time. Even those SEO for Dummies books that were once so popular are now extremely out of date. SEO has been evolving for years, and the rules keep changing, so why learn the rules right now? One could argue that you should learn the rules now because you need to do your SEO now, but that is only a small part of the reason. The biggest reason why you should learn SEO now is that the rules have settled for a bit and things are pretty linear now when it comes to search engine optimization. So now is the time to learn how SEO works.

Has SEO Normalized?

To take a quick history lesson, there was a time when people were dreading the next Google update. They used to drop things like the Penguin or Panda update and people’s websites would drop from the search engines, sometimes being banned and often being relegated to page 120,000. People were afraid because the rules of SEO were always changing, and just like today, there is only one entity that sets the rules.

These days, you don’t really read much about Google updates. This is not because Google has found the perfect system for websites. It is because Google has changed the way it ranks websites up its search engine results, and they only ban people for using black hat SEO methods or for saying some things that the Google search engine would prefer not to be on the front page, maybe

How Does SEO Work Now?

Make no mistake, some of the old rules still exist, but they are far less rigid. Even the speedy website loading rules are a little less rigid because of things like fiber-optic Internet and 5G mobile Internet.

What Google does is watch what you are visiting with your phone and your computer, and they use that information to figure out what you want or like. They then offer you results based on what they think you want and then keep changing and adapting your results as time goes on. Even if your phone and computer have their privacy turned up to maximum, they can still get a profile on what you want. 

For example, if you search for “Shoes for kittens.” You go down the results, try each one, and then find the one you want. Google knows you have found the one you want because you have stopped searching for that term or item, you have stopped using their search engine after clicking the last link. In that case, the next time you or somebody with a similar profile to you is on Google looking for the same item, then the website you picked will be shown a little sooner. This is not an exact science, but it gives you a rough idea of what goes on with the Google search engine.

If you are looking to Learn SEO, then there has never been a better time. You can learn all the rules that still apply. More importantly, you can use the SEO Academy to find out what you shouldn’t do and find out which rules you shouldn’t break.