SEO Training Academy

The question in itself is completely unfair. Asking if an SEO Training Academy would benefit a struggling blogger is like asking if the rain would help a crop field. Probably yes, but the crop could be ready to be reaped early and rain will only mud up the process. The better question would be, “To what degree does the rain help a crop field?” This article answers that question.

How a Course Helps a Struggling Blogger

If a blogger is looking for some sort of recognition, perhaps from the search engines, then taking a course is going to help. However, it is more about helping a blogger focus his or her energy on the task at hand. Many bloggers take to social media to drive up views for their content, but you are dealing with a very broad audience of low attention span people. Those who read your types of blog posts are probably not on social media at all. 

In fact, when most people are researching things, they go to Google and find websites like yours. An SEO training course will help focus your efforts so that you get search engine attention for the things that matter. You cannot spread your topics over a wide area and then hope to achieve all-around success, but you can focus on a certain area with your SEO and then get search engine attention for your efforts. Even if Google only sends you a trickle of traffic, it is a good starting point for a struggling blogger who is looking to grow his or her blog into something more popular.

How a Course Will Not Help a Broke Blogger

There are certain degrees of SEO and search engine functions that will not apply to a blogger. For example, learning how to search engine market a corporate brand, or how to market a social media platform you built is not needed. 

There are also things that a “struggling” person cannot affect. For example, you can get a good web host for a fairly low price. You can even get a free one if you use Google’s blogger. A course can teach you to avoid free shared services because they are pretty bad and they come with a slew of search engine problems. Then, there are things like shared hosting and dedicated hosting, where a struggling person cannot buy the best services and so will always be hampered by our performing web hosting issues.

What Should a Struggling Blogger Do?

There are things that will not benefit a struggling blogger, be it because that person is a blogger or because that person is struggling. However, even if the blogger has to cherry-pick lessons, it is often better to know something and never use it, than to live without the information. Sure, you may pick up a few pieces of irrelevant information when you join an SEO Training Academy, but you have no idea how what you learn will affect your future. Perhaps you will one day be consulted by a corporate entity, and you will recall what you learned in the SEO Academy to help them SEO their blog.