Learn SEO In 2019

It is true that social media use is on the rise. However, most traffic is still coming from the search engines. As a website owner, it is vital for you to learn SEO in 2019 to help you compete with the big guys in your industry. SEO Academy offers tutorials that can boost your career in digital marketing or implement the strategies to your own website. SEO Expert Danny Star and his team will handle the courses. They can give you the secret recipes on how to claim the top spot, not just on Google, but also to other major engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, and others.

Why It Is Vital To Learn SEO In 2019?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more indispensable today than it was before. It is getting more difficult to rank on Google’s SERP. And more and more companies are competing on the limited first page of SERP. If you do not implement SEO properly on your website, your site will never appear on the top page. The question is how are you going to reach the top? SEO Academy courses will unravel the mystery.

We provide concise online courses to know everything about SEO. You might know its basics. How about the advanced techniques? We will teach you all of those things to help your site rank higher. The training is easy-to-follow. We hate technical jargons. That’s why we ensure simplicity in all our tutorials and courses so you can easily apply them to your website. In that way, you can start improving its conversion rate. Our SEO Academy team will also give you a crash course on how to perform social media marketing. This type of digital marketing is another essential part of online marketing that can further support your knowledge on how to make your site visible to the search engines. The knowledge you can obtain from learning SEO with the experts at SEO Academy is ideal for aspiring marketers and start-up owners alike. Every course you complete will entitle you to receive a certificate of competition that you can show off to your clients.

Learn SEO In 2019

Search Engines Disrupting How People Shop

Most people search the web when they buy a product or shop for a service. They utilize their phone or desktop to perform an online search. The results of their search allow them to know more about the products they wish to buy. It is possible through the search engines. They have disrupted how we shop for services and products. Consumers now are more discerning and they want to be an informed buyer first before making a final decision. And 90% of all online and offline purchases begin with a search engine. Thus, optimizing your site for the search engines is more important today than it was before. And SEO Academy will teach you how.

Learn SEO today with SEO Academy. The courses we offer are varied. To know more about them, contact our team by calling (323)407-6675.