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Are you new to SEO? You can learn SEO on your own. SEO.Academy offers comprehensive information you need to help you implement professional quality SEO.

When you learn SEO, you need to know what exactly it is.

Essentially, it’s a marketing discipline that focuses on increasing your site’s visibility in non-paid SERP. It includes the technical and creative factors needed to improve rankings, increase awareness of your brand in search engines and drive traffic.

Several aspects of SEO you must learn. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of ensuring your site that it’s structured in a way that the search engines understand.

Optimizing your site for the search engines isn’t just about creating your site to be friendly to the search engines. Rather, it’s about making it better for your human guests. At SEO.Academy, we believe that these two factors should go together.

When you learn SEO through SEO.Academy, you’ll find terms and phrases that can help generate traffic to your site. You’ll also learn how to build links and market your site in a more efficient way. If you’re still confused about SEO, SEO.Academy is here to help you.

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But why should your site have to be optimized?

Most of the web traffic is driven by Google’s, Bing’s, and Yahoo’s search engines. Other types of traffic can assist in generating visits to your site. However, the search engines are the primary method of navigation for the majority of Internet users.

The search engines are unique. They provide results based on what people are looking for. The search engines are the way to present your site to people who might be looking for what you’re offering.

Now, if the search engine can’t find your site, you’ll miss a lot of opportunities.

A site without SEO

Even though search engines are smart, they still need a little help.

They crawl the web and return better results to users. But there are limits to how they operate.

When you learn and implement the right SEO, your site can gain thousands of visitors. It also increases attention to your brand. But wrong moves can bury your site in the results page where its visibility is minimal.

When you learn SEO through SEO.Academy, you’ll be taught how to make content that search engines and human guests love. If they keep on coming back to your site, it boosts your rankings, and your site will be placed where Internet user can easily find it.