lawyer marketing

Lawyers have various ways to promote their practice to reach their target audience. Geo-targeting is a lawyer marketing trick that has been proven to be helpful. 

If you are a bankruptcy lawyer, your target audience could be businesses in your local surroundings. It’s a powerful strategy but not all legal sites are utilizing it. 


Get-Targeting as a Lawyer Marketing Strategy 

This strategy tackles a specific perimeter. When someone carries a device and enters that perimeter, that person may see your ads. 

Or when that user searches for a bankruptcy lawyer on Google while they are in that perimeter, they will see your site. 

To ensure that your law practice is seen by your right audience, you need to implement the right geo-targeting tricks. 

Keywords are pricey in the legal industry. It’s a waste of your dollar if you bid outside of your geographic region. 

Geo-targeting is especially beneficial in improving relevance while reducing waste. It can also help you get quality traffic and leads.

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