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Broken links may not destroy your site’s life. However, it can affect your SEO negatively. When you enroll in our school for SEO, you will understand the negative effects of having dead links on your site. 

School for SEO Fixing Broken Links

Register in one of our online SEO courses at SEO Academy to know how to fix your dead links. These links will stop search engine bots from crawling your site. Your visitors may understand that these things can happen. But if the dead links accumulate, your users will have a bad experience with your site. 

Imagine getting a “Sorry, page not found” message when you click a link. It is disappointing and frustrating. And imagine it is happening to your visitors. When they see that message, they are likely to hit the back button and vouch to never come back. It means that you lose potential customers.

When your consumers had a bad experience with your site, they are less likely to return to your site. Broken links do not only drive prospects away but they also injure your reputation. 

school for seo

Thus, if you have not checked your links yet, make sure that you do it now. It is especially true if you have redesigned your site or changed the URL of your product page. 

To identify broken links, you may use Google Search Console. Once you have found the broken links, you should fix them. Examine every link and find out why it is broken. For instance, if you updated your URL structure, then the old page may turn into a 404 error. 

In that case, you should use a 301 redirect each time you move a page. This redirect sends visitors to the new page and tells search engines that the page has been permanently moved. 

You may also choose to just update your content, instead of removing it. It will prevent unwanted 404 pages that can result in deleting content that your other pages are linking to. 

For an external broken link, you should consider contacting the webmaster and request for an updated link. When you reach out to the webmaster, you may resolve the 404 error. 

Having 404 on your page may not necessarily affect your SEO. However, it can upset your users when they visit your site. It results in poor performance causing high bounce rates. 

Remember that if your users have a bad experience, it is not good for your SEO. In that case, make sure to prevent and fix your broken links ASAP. 

Although broken links do not directly affect your SEO, they can still harm your site over time. At SEO Academy, we will teach you the proper way to build quality links. Our SEO professional will give you the proper advanced techniques in performing proper link building to ensure that they are future proof. 

Apart from that, we will also teach you how to maximize your paid traffic and many others. To know more about the online courses of our school for SEO, please call (877) 503-8231