User-Friendly Site

When it’s implemented correctly, SEO can improve overall user experience. But some web designers and content writers dismiss the concept of it and consider it as distasteful. That’s because they’re not updated with the latest SEO concepts. SEO is still the number one strategy to make your site visible to your audience. But you need to implement the right tactics because search has become smarter and faster. In this post, you’ll find some of the tricks on how to make a more user-friendly site designed for a great human experience.


Insert your primary keyword in meta titles

The title tag is vital to your SEO’s success. Unfortunately, not all site owners pay attention to it. But this tag is in front and center in many places. When people have multiple taps open, they will know what content they’ve opened. If your site doesn’t use it, your users will have to open and scan it again to know what your content is.


That said, it’s vital that you make use of title tags and include keywords in them. These tags will help your users understand your page while they make it easier for search engines to rank your page for a particular keyword.


Optimize the images

Unfortunately, not all website owners optimize their images. If you want your site to be more user-friendly, you need to start optimizing now because, chances are, your competitors aren’t doing it, thereby, helping you stand out.


To optimize your images, you should compress them to bring down their size without reducing their quality. You also need to describe the images in simple English and coupled it with the alt attribute.


Ensure your page is scanning-friendly

To achieve it, make sure that you insert your primary keyword in your heading tag. Not all visitors will read every single word of your page. Most of them will just skim and scan to find the information they want.


You may use bullet points and bold your valuable content. You should only use action words in your links or call to action.


Implement internal linking

Contrary to what others think, search engines do reward sites that implement internal linking. That’s because they help the search engines in providing the sum of your websites. Remember that every page will depend on the other page to offer total value to your visitors.



All of these tricks lead to one thing. They can build your site designed for humans first. The core idea of having a more user-friendly design is to win the attention of your users.

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