Top SEO Hacks

Ranking in Google is challenging. It requires not just knowledge of SEO but also the time and ability to optimize the content. Although Google doesn’t give its high-level SEO secrets, some secrets can boost rankings. In this post, you’ll find some useful, top SEO hacks that you may not know of, but they can help you improve your site’s ranking.


Create Content That Compels People to Link to Your Site

Here at SEO Academy, we always tell our clients that link building isn’t dead. In fact, links are still crucial to get higher rankings. But today’s link building isn’t the same as it was before. Your links must appear naturally.

One of the best ways to gather links is to create stellar content that compels your readers to link to that content. As you continue to provide unique, compelling content, you’ll earn links naturally that’ll undoubtedly improve your site’s rankings.

But what kind of content that encourages links? You can go for expert interviews, original surveys, controversial posts or industry infographics. It’s a kind of material that you would want to link to.


Optimize site for featured snippets

Featured snippets can send more traffic to your site. Contrary to what others think, feature snippets won’t sacrifice traffic. In several studies, getting your site on Google’s featured snipped would actually increase website traffic by up to 30 percent.


To optimize your content for featured snippets, focus on answering complex questions. You need to give your audience an in-depth answer to a simple question. In this way, users are more likely to click-through your site.


Use related terms and topics in your content

Relevant terms are words or phrases that are related to your primary keywords. For example, if you’re writing about how to make a banana smoothie, you might also want to write about weight loss smoothies, banana smoothies with a protein shake, and so on and so forth.


Meet user intent

If you want to rank highly in the SERP, you must match your content to your user intent. If your content meets the needs and expectations of your users, it’ll give high user signals, which are great to boost your site’s ranking. That’s because your user won’t abandon your page. It’ll also prevent an increased bounce rate. Sooner or later, Google will realize that your page is useful to your users. So, it’ll somehow boost your rankings.


In other words, you should use your keywords wisely and make sure that the content will add value to your users.


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