SEO online courses

These days, you can take SEO online courses to help you rank your website up the search engine results pages. There are a lot of these courses, and that is partial because the e-book industry has dropped the ball in terms of SEO. It isn’t like the old days when there were defined rules that you couldn’t break. These days, learning SEO isn’t something you can learn solely through text. It would be like trying to teach somebody to swim using just text. These days, you need SEO courses to help you grasp the subject matter. Here are a few pros and cons of online SEO courses.

Pros – They Teach You SEO Fast

“Success is all about speed.”. Some may say If you are trying to run a business or rank up your website, you don’t have the time to read book after book. You need the correct information and you need it now. You need a course that covers what you need to know without the fluffy trimmings. When you take an SEO course, you are not taking a 3-year course in college. You are taking a course where you can work mostly at your own pace. It allows you to absorb the information as quickly as possible so you can start using it right away.

Cons – It Costs Money With Other Courses Are Free

There is some good SEO advice out there for free, but there is far more terrible advice than there is good advice. Think about it, if you truly knew how to make your website rank very highly on Google (something that every website wants), would you give that information away for free? The things you read for free on the Internet are often incorrect, or more likely, they are the very beginning of SEO. 

Pros – You Can Add It To Your LinkedIn

In truth, the biggest selling point is that you can add an SEO course to your CV rather than your LinkedIn account, but most people reading this are business owners and entrepreneurs who don’t really care about their CV anymore. Nevertheless, CV or LinkedIn, you cannot add a book you read about SEO to your qualifications section, but you can add a course you took in SEO.

Cons – Who is Running The Course

If a company claims it is the best because it has ranked highly on Google, this doesn’t mean what it used to mean. It may mean the company is very good at paid marketing. Plus, just because a company can get its SEO course on the top of Google, doesn’t mean it knows what it takes to get your business at the top of Google’s search engine results.

Pros – There Are Some Amazing Courses Out There

Learning to drive from an instructor is what most of us have to do, but the experience and the result are far better when you have an amazing instructor. The same is true when taking SEO online courses. There are some truly brilliant courses out there, like those offered by the SEO Academy. In these cases, you learn a lot and the experience is also worth more than you would have expected.