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Our SEO experts here at school for SEO studied all possible factors that might affect a site’s ranking. And they learned that privacy policy does not directly affect SEO. In other words, it is not an SEO ranking factor. However, it is something that you need to seriously consider. 

Despite that, the privacy policy is still mandatory for every site. Thanks to the new law. 

Privacy has been an increasing concern today. More and more people are aware of how technology is digging into their information. In some studies, the majority of Internet users avoid companies that do not have any privacy policy. 

Your website collects user data. These data would include geolocation and emails. If you are using retargeting services and analytics, you are getting user data. 

school for seo

Without a privacy policy, it means that you are not telling your audience the information you are obtaining from them and the reasons you collect those details. If this is your case, you are violating your user’s privacy. 

When you violate their privacy, you are losing their trust and rapport. And worse, you are losing your credibility. Keep in mind that credibility is vital in SEO. 

Google shows credible websites on their SERPs. If your site is deemed to be untrustworthy, then Google would lower your ranking, resulting in your site not showing on top of the search results page. And that is not a good thing. 

For that reason, the privacy policy is still vital in SEO as you are being transparent to your users. You are letting them know how you are going to use their information when you collect it. 

How to Change Privacy Policy 

There are several changes in the way that users behave online. However, most privacy policies have not adapted to the existing standards. Most policies appear to discourage users from reading them. 

Indeed, the majority of users do not read the privacy policy.  But there are a few individuals who will actually read them. And most of these individuals are experts and they are considered as an authority in their chosen industry. 

If they saw some holes in your policies, they would share them to their peers and their peers will share them to other people outside their industry, including yours. 

As a result, users will lose trust in your brand and website. And as mentioned earlier, Google rewards trustworthy sites. 

Besides presenting your privacy policy, another way to build trust is to get high-quality links. Without those high-quality links, Google will think twice in trusting your site. In that case, you must also learn how to obtain links from authoritative sites. 

School for SEO in Getting Links 

SEO Academy teaches not just the basics of SEO but also the advanced techniques that you need to boost your ranking. And one of the things you will learn here would include building high-quality links. 

They are vital but most website owners are still using those black hat tricks, i.e. they are getting links from spammy websites. 

If you want to avoid getting links from spammy websites, make sure to enroll in our school for SEO. We will teach you all the techniques that you need to rank your site higher. Call us today to know more about our online SEO courses: (877) 503-8231