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It is not a secret that Google changes its algorithm frequently to cater to unique queries. That’s why it is vital for you, as a site owner, to know what these changes are when they arrive. When you register in our SEO Academy, your SEO knowledge will be updated as soon as the algorithm changes emerge. 

Ways to Improve Your SEO in 2019 and Beyond 

To give your site a better way to optimize the search engine, you must learn how to create valuable content for your users. 

SEO today is more about creating content that offers value to users. And your content must be better than your competitors’. If you focus on these factors, your site will have better chances of getting a higher ranking than your competitors. 

seo academy

Know How and What Answer Formats are Ideal 

Most of the paid Google search clicks come from mobile. Search users have different expectations when entering keywords in the search bar. 

Since a great number of those searches are being performed on the go, it is vital that you know how and what answer formats do your audience want. 

In most cases, mobile users want a quick answer to their questions. In other words, they do not want to read a long-form article. In today’s SEO, you must know how you can meet the Google ecosystem while providing quick answers to your audience. 

Monitor Your Competitors 

When it comes to keywords, your competitors remain local. That said, it is vital that you identify your local competitors. It has become important with Google’s localization of a great number of SERPs. 

In other words, the searchers’ exact locations will affect the results. Thus, you need to target every city that you include in your keywords. 

Getting Ahead

You may not have the wide resources as your competitors’ but you can beat them by knowing the basics and advanced techniques of SEO. 

Indeed, your competitors have already invested in SEO. But they might not have updated their strategies yet. And this is where you can take advantage of the SEO online courses at our SEO Academy

Our courses here are up-to-date to reflect the changes in Google’s algorithm. You will also learn that SEO is not just about keywords. Rather, it is also about providing content that offers value to your users. 

Then, you must not only focus on Google. Keep in mind that YouTube is now the number 2 search engine. Other social media platforms are also beginning to be used for search queries per day. And you must consider them as well in your search engine optimization plans. 

When you enroll in our SEO academy, you will know the basics and advanced tricks on how to get your brand’s message in front of your audience. Apart from content, you will also learn the many strategies to build quality links, which are also vital in boosting search rankings. 

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